Foods to try when in the North of England. PART ONE.

Traditional Northern food reflects it’s industrial past and cold climate.  There are lots of delicious cakes and bakes to try, designed to warm you through when the rain in belting down.

Lancashire Hot Pot

A dish from back in the olden days when hardworking families had not the time or resources to cook elaborate meals and a slow cooked dish was cooked over the day to be eaten by the ravenous family on return from a long, hard, day’s work.

LHP consists of lamb, onion and stock and is topped with sliced potatoes and cooked in a heavy pot on a low heat.


Yorkshire Tea

Surely the best tea should be curated in the North?  As you know, Tea to Northerners is like petrol to cars.  Yorkshire tea is owned by the company that also own a super popular tea room in Harrogate in Yorkshire called Betty’s Tea Room.  If you are visiting the North, you must visit both the beautiful Harrogate and also Betty’s Tea Room.


The Bakewell Tart

You might have seen the puny pre-packaged mass manufactured Bakewell Tarts in the supermarket.  However, a visit to the quaint Derbyshire town of Bakewell (where the tart originates) will enable you to eat a true homemade Bakewell tart.  A delicious offering made by people who care.


Bakewell Pudding

Not the same as a Bakewell Tart but equally delicious. It is a dessert consisting of flaky pastry filled with a layer of jam, egg and almond paste.  It is tastiest when served warm.  Again, to get the real authentic taste, you should visit Bakewell.  However, if you’re feeling lazy, some of the bakeries do a home delivery.  In fact, for the hardcore fan, you can order a one month for a year, delivered direct to your door by mail order.


The Lancashire Eccles Cake

You can pick up a famous Eccles cake in most northern bakeries.  An excellent northern bakery that sells all the famous Northern bakes is Harry Muffin on the famous Bury Market. You can also pick up Eccles Cakes in most UK supermakets.  These are, in fact, manufactured in Eccles and taste pretty damn good!


Coming in the next posts:  Bury black pudding, Yorkshire Puddings, Manchester Cakes, Chorley Cakes, Chips and Gravy, Lancashire Potato Cakes, Yorkshire Curd Tarts, Lancashire Oven Bottom Muffins, Parkin, Butter Pie.


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